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Pattamon has always been passionate about cosmetic science and biological sciences. This led her to pursue her bachelor’s degree in biochemistry at  University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), in 2005. Wanting more real-life experience in the field of cosmetic sciences, she entered personal care industry by trading different cosmetic and cosmeceutical ingredients from around the world as well as spending time in the lab as a formulation chemist to develop various skincare formulations, some of which she created to be shared with loved ones. She also served as a technical expert to educate consumers on essential technical aspects of cosmetics ingredients.

In 2012, she further continued her education at  Massachusett’s Institute of Technology (MIT)  where she earned her MBA with a focus on healthcare/pharmaceutical industry. At MIT, Pattamon worked on different projects relating to pregnancy, skincare, and medicines while working closely with  Boston Medical Center  on her women’s health project. Upon graduation, she started her career as a senior brand manager in an American pharmaceutical company, one of the top global pharmaceutical companies in the world. 

While working in the pharmaceutical industry, Pattamon found herself strongly wanting to create her own health and beauty solutions for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. Having learnt that many of her loved ones, who were pregnant and breastfeeding,  were struggling to find skincare products that were safe enough for their babies to use during this vulnerable period yet effective enough to tackle their biggest concerns - acne, skin darkening, dryness, and stretch marks - she began conducting rigorous research while obtaining her Diploma in Cosmetics and Personal Care Development and Promotion and Certificate in Advanced Cosmetic Formulation from Institute of Personal Care Sciences, Australia. 

Finally, Pattamon traded in her corporate career path to pursue her own dream. She began her new journey in helping pregnant and breastfeeding moms beautify themselves with a peace of mind. Today, she still regularly searches for new innovations that are potent yet safe for moms… because, as Pattamon believes, beauty cannot be compromised

แม่และลูก น่ารัก

Because babies’ safety is the No. 1 priority, moms often find themselves struggling to find the right skincare solution during
this important phase in their lives since most solutions in the market may not be safe enough and may harm their babies. 
However,  because beauty cannot be compromised, we strive to create solutions for moms to stay beautiful 
while not causing harms to their babies. 

PregSkin aims to develop the best skincare and beauty products that are safe for both mothers and babies. 

PregSkin will ensure that a mother can stay beautiful while not harming her baby… 

because beauty cannot be compromised.

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