5 Ways to Prevent Pregnancy Stretch Marks

2018-08-16 10:48:52
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Stretch marks, especially on the belly, are a great concern for many pregnant and breastfeeding moms. The main cause is the rapid expansion of the skin causing the loosening of collagen matrix. Don’t despair! Today, we have 5 ways you can prevent stretch marks both during pregnancy and post-delivery.

  1. Pregnant moms should not gain weight over 2 kilograms per month. This is to ensure that the skin is not rapidly expanded, resulting in dermal collagen structure to be torn.

  2. Hot/warm water causes skin to become more dehydrated than usual, especially for those with existing dry skin. Therefore, try to refrain from hot/warm water and stick to bathing or showering with water at room temperature.

  3. Early and consistent use of stretch mark creams or butters reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Ideally, start using these moisturizers since the day you know you are expecting and increase the amount and frequency of use as your pregnancy progresses. The best and most important time to apply stretch mark butter is right after shower.

  4. Many moms stop using stretch mark butter after they deliver. This is not recommended because your skin will take time to recover post-delivery and therefore will still require abundant moisture. Continue using your stretch mark butter AT LEAST 2-3 months after delivery.

  5. When your skin feels itchy, DO NOT scratch. Scratching will tear the skin and impede the production of collagen, causing more stretch marks to occur along with skin inflammation and infection.

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