6 Areas Prone to Stretch Marks

2019-11-20 10:51:49
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Many moms are aware of and concerned about belly stretch marks. However, stretch marks can occur in many other areas of the body and until you realize it, it’s too late! Here are 6 areas of concern pregnant/breastfeeding moms should pay attention to:

  1. Thighsคนท้องแตกลายต้นขา
    Thighs are often neglected. Weight gain along with increase in body size causes skin around thigh area to rapidly expand. Skin around this area is particularly thin and can very visibly show stretch marks. For some moms, stretch marks are more visible on inner thighs while for some are more worried about outer thighs. Therefore, do not forget to keep these areas nourished and moisturized.

  2.  Upper Arms
    arm stretch marks
    On top of skin darkening of the underarms, many moms develop stretch marks in this area as well.

  3. Breasts
    breast stretch marks
    During pregnancy and breastfeeding, breast size rapidly expands to produce milk causing stretch marks to inevitably develop.

  4.  Lower Back
    back stretch mark cure
    This area is often neglected because it is hard to see even with a mirror. Remember that when your entire body expands during pregnancy, stretch marks also develop in this area . Moreover, some moms experience skin sagging and excessive fat here.

  5. Hips
    thighs stretch marks pregnant women
    Hip size increases very quickly as your body is preparing for delivery. Therefore, stretch marks often occur here. During the initial phase of expansion, your hips will show redness that slowly turn to black streaks. As this progresses longer, the streaks will turn white, which means the development of stretch marks has reached its late stage.

  6. Underneath the Belly
    stretch marks pregnant women
    Many moms diligently moisturize and nourish their bellies but forget the area UNDERNEATH the belly. This is because as the belly expands, this hidden area is barely visible even with the use of a mirror. So, please also do not forget this delicate hidden area.

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