First Trimester: Symptoms and Self Care Tips for Pregnant Moms

2019-08-22 07:52:07
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The first trimester or  weeks 1-12 of pregnancy is a very sensitive period that moms should dedicate extra precaution because it is the most vulnerable period for fetal development. Moms should avoid contracting any diseases as well as be more selective with food and personal items selections. 

Because mom’s lifestyle can directly affect her baby, she should be prepared to pay extra attention to healthy lifestyle. Moreover, due to hormonal change, she may experience pleasant or unpleasant changes to her skin and choose skincare that is tailored to tackle pregnancy-related skin problems while not affecting the safety of her baby. PregSkin    is dedicated for pregnant and breastfeeding moms, ensuring beautiful pregnancy glow and baby’s safety.

  1. Changes

    pregnancy symptoms first trimester
    During the first twelve weeks, moms will experience morning sickness, breast pain, fatigue along with acne and skin darkening due to rapid hormonal changes. Meanwhile, by week six, fetal heartbeat can be detected around week six; limbs around week eight; and fingers, toes, and ears around week 10.

  2. Self Care

    Moms should eat a balanced diet with lots of vegetables, fruits and protein-rich food. It is recommended to consume less per meal while increasing the number of meals per day to ensure sustained energy throughout the day. In terms of skincare, moms should avoid beauty products that contain vitamin A/retinol, salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide and other harmful ingredients. These chemicals are often found in acne care and whitening products as well as night creams. Rest and sleep are also very crucial for both mom and baby’s health. Napping during the day helps to ensure adequate rest. Last but not least, avoid any bumping or heavy pressure on the belly area.

  3. Precautions

    During this period, moms experiencing severe morning sickness leading to extreme lack of appetite, unusual vaginal bleeding or severe abdominal pain should immediately seek medical attention. Overlooking these unusual symptoms can possibly lead to miscarriage or abnormal fetal growth.

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