Third Trimester: Symptoms and Self-Care Tips for Pregnant Moms

2019-09-03 08:51:49
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Today, let us all go through third-trimester pregnancy preparation checklist together:

  1. Preparing for Maternity Leave

    prepare for maternity leave

    For modern working moms in Thailand, it is recommended to inform your organization of your maternity leave at least 1 week in advance to spare more time before taking a long leave. Currently, the number of days granted for maternity leave is 98 days. For more details, please check with the authority’s source of information. 

  2. Weekly Health Checkup
    regular pregnancy checkup
    During the ninth (final) month of pregnancy, pregnant moms should get a health checkup every week to prepare for any unexpected event and detect possible complications as well as assess the baby’s health to determine the appropriate timing for delivery.

  3. Essential Items for Babies and Moms

    things you need to prepare for yourself and baby after birth
    As delivery day approaches, being well-prepared with essential personal items can greatly prevent anxiety and frustrations amidst the busy period. Therefore, moms are highly recommended to prepare items, such as antenatal record book, important documents, clothes, daily essentials, personal care (especially skincare), and any relevant food supplements.

  4. Ensuring Your Body is Always Ready
    prepare your mind and body
    Entering the third trimester, moms should prioritize maintaining good physical and mental health to ensure smooth delivery. For safety, please stay under supervision of a caretaker or family member at all times. More importantly, late-stage pregnant moms may feel anxious causing them to have insomnia and paranoia, therefore it is important to focus on mental health during this period.

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