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"We specialize in skincare for pregnant/breastfeeding moms." 

  PregSkin's story started in 2013 in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. While conducting research on skincare at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), PregSkin’s biochemist founder Pattamon was alarmed to find out that pregnant and breastfeeding moms have special needs largely unmet by existing skincare products. False information and misconceptions, everywhere. It was then she realized that moms around her - friends and family - were experiencing the same problems and didn't know where to turn. Some moms turned to baby products, while others stopped their skincare and makeup regimens completely. Many moms allowed themselves to suffer from all the pregnancy-related skin problems - acne, dark spots, stretch marks, skin dryness/oiliness. They all wanted to remain beautiful yet were afraid that their existing beauty routine may harm their babies. Ironically, pregnancy and motherhood are the most precious and beautiful chapters in a woman’s life.

As a biochemist, Pattamon conducted extensive research on  natural active ingredients for skincare that are tailored to meet the needs of new moms yet are proven safe for both moms and their babies. Even the most trustworthy skincare brands may contain harmful ingredients. Believing that moms deserve to be beautiful without worry, Pattamon started experimenting with various ingredients until she found the best formulations with cosmeceutical benefits specifically for pregnant/ breastfeeding moms. Dermatologically tested in the US, her products are gentle for even the most sensitive skin types. Hence PregSkin was born…  


Pattamon Kerdlappol - PregSkin Founder

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"Hand-picked Ingredients Tailored for Pregnant/Breastfeeding Moms" 

Ever been told to avoid acne medications and brightening products during your pregnancy? You’re not the only one. Many moms out there are confused with all the choices to make for their skincare and beauty regimen. Among the many ingredients to avoid during your pregnancy, vitamin A derivatives or retinoids are the No. 1 “no-no” ingredients  during this period. They are in many of your regular anti-aging, whitening, and acne products and often appear as “retinol,” “retinol palmitate,” and “retinaldehyde.” Salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide are also the big culprits that can harm your baby during this period. They are the most common ingredients found in your topical acne medications and are unsafe to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.   The truth is… there is no need to compromise your beauty because there are plenty of ingredients out there that can safely beautify your skin. 

Aside from excluding vitamin A, salicylic acid, and benzoyl peroxide, PregSkin products do not contain any "grey zone" or harmful ingredients  for moms. Meanwhile, we meticulously pick the most innovative natural active ingredients that can effectively tackle the most common problems experienced among new moms: skin darkening, acne, dryness and stretch marks.

Our key ingredient is Bidens pilosa, which is an herbaceous plant originating from South America. Indigenous Amazonians used all parts of this high-potency plant for various medical purposes. In skincare, Bidens pilosa extract works just like vitamin A or retinoids, but  without the harmful side effects of vitamin A. Today, this wonderful plant extract is a potent yet safe ingredient for those looking for luminous, youthful, and flawless skin. It is ideal for moms looking to get that “pregnancy glow.” Dermatologist-tested in USA on sensitive skin, our products are gentle for even the most sensitive skin types.

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ขอขอบคุณ คุณมัดมุก-แพรดาว พานิชสมัย เหตระกูล IG: @mutmookpraedao คุณแม่มือใหม่และเซเลบสุดสวย สำหรับรีวิวดีๆ และที่วางใจให้ PregSkin ดูแลปรนนิบัติผิวให้สวยเปล่งปลั่งในยามตั้งครรภ์และให้นมบุตรนะคะ
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When selecting skincare products, particular whitening cream, acne treatment, and anti-aging cream, new moms should avoid these two groups of ingredients: 

1) Vitamin A and its derivatives (commonly known as retinoids or retinol) - present in many facial skincare products and prescribed acne treatment

2) Salicylic Acid and Benzoyl Peroxide - present in many OTC and prescribed acne products Moreover, there are many other ingredients new moms should avoid, such as aromatherapy oils, parabens, phthalates, and SLS because they can negatively impact fetal development and newborns.


Vitamin A and its derivatives (commonly known as retinoids or retinol) are your baby's No. 1 enemy, because they can negatively impact fetal development and cause miscarriage and/or birth defects. New moms should make sure to strictly avoid this ingredient during both pregnancy and breastfeeding.


Acne medication can cause serious harm for moms and babies, especially those that contain vitamin A or its derivatives (commonly known as retinoids or retinol). This dangerous ingredient can cause miscarriage and birth defects. Therefore, new moms should strictly avoid any product with vitamin A or its derivatives.

Bidens pilosa, our cornerstone ingredient, works like vitamin A but without the side effects of vitamin A. It provides effective anti-aging and anti-photoaging action - perfect for those who desire to have a "pregnancy glow."


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