Ultra-rich cream, specifically designed for pregnant and/or breastfeeding moms prone to developing stretch marks. Use regularly for a smooth, even tone, firm and moisturized skin. Dermatologically tested in USA on sensitive skin and does not contain any harmful ingredients.

✓ Prevents the skin from developing new stretch marks and fade the appearance of existing stretch marks while firming the skin

✓ Provides instant hydration effect that lasts up to 72 hours even after multiple washes

✓ Contains natural antioxidants 

✓ Protects skin from both environmental and free radical damage while providing anti-inflammatory properties

✓ Boosts collagen for firmer skin

Direction of Use: Massage onto tummy, thighs, hips, and/or any troubled areas twice daily or as needed. For best results, apply liberally and massage for a  minute. Use regularly to prevent stretch marks.

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